The Retribution Crusade

Book III, Chapter II

Batles won and wars lost

Using magic spells to fly up to the gatehouse towers of Castle Naelax the heroes manage to take the main gate while Sir Ector leads an attack on the barbican gate. Quickly and efficiently the army takes the castle bailey.

After breaking through the West Tower with a disintegrate spell and fighting their way into the courtyard the heroes overcome a cavalry charge of the skeleton knights lead by Sir Erec the Scourge. Once they broke into the keep they found a brief respite within the Chapel of Heironeous. There they also discovered the reliquary of Saint Araval within the Chapel and within the Saint’s Ring.

As the heroes emerged from the Chapel it became apparent that an unholy ritual was being performed in the North Tower. Fighting up the tower protected by the surrounding necrotic auras by the Ring of Saint Araval they at last came to the laboratory of the undead mage Lieam Feyborn where they confronted the death knight and the mage and were victorious.

After the death knight was defeated the skull of Lieam was much more amiable and offered its help and knowledge.

The next day news arrived in the encampment that the main host of the crusading army had been lead into a trap and disaster had fallen. Most of the army was decimated, King Belvor is dead and Duke Arthur Jakartai is leading the remaining forces in a full retreat.



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