One of the thirteen accursed Death Knights.


Lord Thyrian of Naelax, the accursed, the forsworn, the betrayer.

Lord Thyrian is one of the thirteen Knight Protectors that betrayed their wows and made a pact with the Prince of Demons. Collectively their betrayals caused the downfall of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy.

He was born a younger son of the Ferrondian Lord of Naelax in the golden age of the Great Kingdom. Though he excelled above his older brother in most things he could not inherit so he took the honorable path of joining the order of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom.
He had a place at the court of the Viceroy of Ferrond in Dyvers where he fell in love with the Princess of the Furyons, the Lady Valente. Having taken the oaths of a Knight Protector he could not marry but for a year he secretly loved his lady. Until one day when Sir Thyrian returned from a campaign against a rebel baron and found out that the Lady was gone from court, a marriage had been arranged for her, a marriage to his older brother.

In a fit of rage Sir Thyrian slew the Viceroy an act that launched the Flaness into political chaos that ultimately saw the Great Kingdom he had sworn to protect with his life come apart. He was gravely wounded fighting the Viceroy’s guard but escaped with the aid of his squire Gildas. Close to death on the road outside the city he called to any power that might hear him for the strength to carry out his revenge against his brother who he felt had taken everything from him that should have been rightfully his. He was answered by Demogorgon and with his dying breath made a pact with the Prince of Demons.

When Sir Thyrian returned to Castle Naelax he murdered all his family, nine people all in all who carried his name, the youngest but an infant, the son of his brother and Lady Valente. His squire Gildas was with him and two other came to his aid,Sir Badon the master-at-arms of the castle, and Sir Erec his childhood friend. Those three were later known as Lord Thyrian’s Blackguards and for their actions they shared in his curse and his power.

Upon seeing her child murdered Lady Valente went mad, she locked herself in her chambers and set fire to the tapestries. Thyrian ran into the flames to find his love dead and at the same time discovering the depth of his own curse, he himself could not die and their souls would never be joined.

Thyrian’s sword absorbed the souls of his murdered family and the metal was twisted and warped by the terrible energy. It is since known as Kinslayer.

For almost 350 years Lord Thyrian has ruled over Castle Naelax, a domain of the dead.

It is not entirely clear if Lord Thyrian serves the Empire of Iuz or if his Castle merely happens to be within the current borders of the Empire at this time and the Old One and Tyrian have some kind of mutual understanding of not opposing one another.



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