Captain Zhass

Captain of the Blaze, trader on the Magma Sea.


NE, Fire Salamander


Zhass was the captain of the the Blaze, a light two hulled ship of alchemically treated charwood that hovers slightly over the magma. Two horizontal sails use the heated gases steaming from the magma to propel the ship forward. Captain Zhass has a reputation as a pirate rather than a merchant.

Zhass only speaks ignan but he is usually followed by an elven slave (Ru’Mer’Zhass (Fourth Servand of Zhass), Daeron) who speaks many languages and can magically comprehend others. Zhass has him on a chain leash with an iron collar, with touch he can heat the chain and cause the slave searing pain.

Since loosing his ship in a bet on a gladiator match he has sworn vengeance on a the band of adventurers that won it of him.

Captain Zhass

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