The Retribution Crusade

Book I, Chapter VII

Through the nightmare halls of Ziquiz'Tarr

Godsday, 25th of Patchwall
The party heads out from the besieged Deepfort to the Low Tunnels. The journey is slow and uncomfortable for the most part. Bocc and the dwarfs can walk for the most part but the larger party members must stoop or crawl.

Waterday, 26th of Patchwall
Around midday (or what counts as day in the Underdark) Bocc leads the party into an old purple worm tunnel which seems like smooth a highway compared to the tunnels so far. After a while of walking in the purple worm tunnel Bocc comes back and reports that there is a sleeping hook horror up ahead. The party sneaks up to take the sleeping beast by surprise. However when the first spell lands the adventurers discover that the hook horror isn’t sleeping but in fact it is petrified. A basilisk has meanwhile come up behind the characters but the creature is no match for a whole party.

Earthday, 27th of Patchwall
The Low Tunnels give way to the Steaming Cavern. The journey is still slow since the fog from the geothermal hot water obscures everything. Bocc’s bat companion proves invaluable in guiding the party through geyser fields and along the shore of the Boiling Lake. At one point the party is attacked by grimlock hunters who use the obscuring fog to their advantage but they were taken care of. Bocc tells the party about the rogue grimlocks that have been hunting in the Steaming Cavern since their illithid masters in the city of [[Ziqiz’Tarr | Ziquiz’Tarr]] were destroyed by plague and internal strife.
At the end of the day some of the adventurers have a feeling they are being followed, a mysterious “flumpfh” sound is sometimes heard some way off.

Freeday, 28th of Patchwall
The party gets through the Steaming Cavern and starts making its way through the enormous Fungal Forest. Bocc advises caution since this is territory claimed by the Drow of Mornzad. Some of the fungal species in the forest are faintly luminescent and in the forest there is a constant pale gloomy illumination.
Around midday the adventurers rescue a myconid from an ettercap’s web. The myconid in gratitude offers to lead the party to its home by the Poison Pool. It also notices the flumpfhs following the party and says they can not come. The flumpfhs come forth and admit that they have been following the party and feeding of the residual psionic energies emanating from Scirvir the Exile. In the end the party splits up. Half goes to spend the night by the Poison Pool where they join the communal melding of the myconids and experience their created higher reality. The other half sets up camp and talks with the flumphs who are migrating. They used to live near [[Ziqiz’Tarr | Ziquiz’Tarr]] where they lived of the psionic energies created by the illithids. They feel that the energy emanating from Scrivir has mind flayer flavor.

Starday, 1st of Ready’reat
After meeting up again the adventurers decide to take a shortcut through [[Ziqiz’Tarr | Ziquiz’Tarr]] rather than risk going through the Drow controlled territories. After sneaking past a grimlock village the party arrives at the Great Door of [[Ziqiz’Tarr | Ziquiz’Tarr]]. The enormous door looks like a tangled mass of black metallic tentacles and is firmly closed.

Sunday, 2nd of Ready’reat
After resting and looking around the adventurers discover writing on the door in qualith braille which they manage to read with a spell. There stands written a warning that only a servant of Ilsensine can pass the gate. As the warning is read Scirvir is overtaken by an intense headache and the door opens seemingly on its own. Within the alien halls of the Mind Flayer city the party encounters many dangers. Former grimlock, slaves, intellect devourers and other abominations created by the illithids.
A good friend and a courageous companion is lost when Morgrim the druid has his brain and mind consumed by an Intellect Devourer and his body taken over.
Later in the day the party comes across some humanoids in stasis in what seems like a room for creating flesh golems. They manage to save one of the unfortunate mind flayer slaves, the necromancer dwarf Buddy Jones, but accidentally activate one of the flesh golems and are forced to fight.
There is also a close encounter with a grell on one of the bridges. Argus the Pure is paralyzed and snatched off the bridge. His friends however rescue him with excellent spellcraft and teamwork.

Moonday, 3rd of Ready’reat
After an uncomfortable rest and more wandering over and through the bridges and spires of the mind flayer city the adventurers find a portal that is activated by Scirvir’s presence. The portal opens up in the central spire of [[Ziqiz’Tarr | Ziquiz’Tarr]] in the chamber of the elder brain. The party fights psionic gray ooze and a carrion crawler. Doing so they awaken the disembodied psionic manifestation of the illithid consciousness that was the elder brain. They banish the psionic manifestation but awaken something in the deep dark lake at the bottom of the cavern.

Kuo-toa, former slaves of the illithids begin to crawl out of the deep. Since their masters left the kuo-toa have been left in the void of being without absolute masters. To fill that void the half intelligent creatures seem to have created a new god. A dreadful creature that now stirs in the deep dark water and reaches upwards with uncounted slimy tentacles even as the kuo-toa crawl up the pillars of the city.

Jumping through the nearest portal the party is luckily transported close to the far end of the city. Running for their lives they evade the kuo-toa and come to the southern gate of the city.



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