The Retribution Crusade

Book II, Chapter I

To a land of Ice and Fire.

Starday 15th of Harvester, 596 CY
Bardur Ulfsson, a berserker and a Beast of Llerg, free man of the Schnai, captains his longship the North Wind in the fleet of Jarl Sigurd Herjan. The summer raids are nearly over and Bardur is commanded by the Jarl to carry a company of dwarves from Berholdt Island back to the Thillonrian Peninsula so they can be present at the Assembly of the Jarls in Knudje. Other members of the crew such as Skald-Ormur, Briwa, and Ulfham think this is a queer arrangement and don’t trust the dwarves.

Sunday 16th of Harvester, 596 CY
Sailing north the raiders come within sight of a Sea Baron Galley and decide to take it as a one last prize of this summer’s raiding. On the galley they find imprisoned some of the Champions of the Dragonfall and veterans of the Wyrmreaver Crusade. By Suelii custom those adventurers should be slaves to Bardur but the leader of the dwarves, Terrinn Goldenbeard, offers to buy them their freedom with the last piece of his famous adamantium armor, the helmet. Bardur accepts but the heroes have little choice but to sail with him on the North Wind to the lands of the Schnai.

Freeday 21st of Harvester, 596 CY
On the fifth day of sailing the crew notice the dark ash cloud hanging over the peninsula in the north and that night they see the glow of fires on the horizon.

Starday 22nd of Harvester, 596 CY
On the next day it becomes apparent that a great volcanic eruption has occurred in the western Corusk Mountains. It seems that Soull, the seat of King Ingemar Hartesen, has been wiped away by the lava flow. Bardur sails towards his home Vindvar anxious about his family. In the narrow fjord covered in thick fog the adventurers come to Bardurs home. The houses are empty and show signs of having been evacuated in haste. While investigating an orc tribe comes down from the mountains and attacks the farm. Fortified within the longhall the heroes hold off the orcs but at the beech they find further signs of trouble and the North Wind is gone. Skald-Ormur apparently took the ship out rather than face the orc horde but the adventurers are stranded and have little choice other than to walk over the mountain passes to make it to Knudje and the Assembly of the Jarls.
By evenfall they come to a small lava flow at the bottom of the fjord. The glowing hot rocks cause the ocean to boil and steam creating the thick fog. There they encounter and defeat a fire giant scout. His corpse makes a convenient bridge over the lava flow when he falls.



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