Here are set down the Grey Books as written by the Archmage Kenzie of the Arcustodis in the year 621 CY.

Book I: The Dragonfall. Is the tale of the last dragons of Oerth, and the heroes that rose to the challenges entailed in their passing. Based on Kenzie’s first hand experience and the recollections of Magister Custodian Spellfingers.

Book II: The Ragewinter. Is a telling of the Elemental War in the North. Based largely on the Ragewinter Saga of Skald-Ormur the bard and translations of the great Rune Stones of Redcrown.

Book III: The Retribution Crusade. Tells of the heroic deeds that redeemed the Kingdom of Furyondy and brought justice to the greatest of villains. It is largely based on the chronicles of the Cuthbertian monks at the Reverie Monastery as well as second hand accounts collected and written down by the planar traveler Dom’Barr.

The Retribution Crusade

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