Large Town (pop. 6300)
Ruler: Thane Terrinn Goldenbeard
Government: Hereditary Ruler
Population: Dwarf 80%, Gnome 5%, Earth Genasi 15%.
Languages: Common, Dwarf, Terran, Gnome
Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Religion: Moradin, Dumathoin
Overview: Redcrown is despite the name not a kingdom but only a town built into a hill that has rusty red cliffs crowning its peak. The dwarves of the Redcrown Clan are self sufficient and reclusive. Their economy is mostly based on mining and selling iron do Dyvers and they have some ties to the Merchants Guild there.
History: There have been dwarves living and mining in Redcrown hill since long before humans moved into the area. They had an uneasy relationship with the elves of Sindarion that sometimes erupted in violence. After the coming of Razcoreth they mostly sealed themselves within their stone walls and didn’t emerge for a long time.

Secret History:
The truth about Redcrown is a closely guarded secret. The hill is almost as old as the world itself, its origin lost in prehistory and what seems like a small dwarven town is actually a cast underground complex that reaches deep into the heart of the world. The actual population of Redcrown including the deep complex is likely closer to 20.000 (Dwarf 79%, Gnome 3%, Svirfneblin 2%, Earth Genasi 15%, Dao 1%)

When the world was created the gods did battle with the primordial elementals and ultimately bound them and contained their destructive force by creating the nine elemental seals. The Redcrown Clan is said to have fought with the earth elementals against the destructive five elementals at the beginning of the world. As a reward they were given the strength and endurance of the earth and Moradin charged them to guard one of the elemental seal that created a magical boundary for the fire elemental vortice at the heart to the world. The seal is an enormous pillar of adamantium carved with powerful runes. The dwarves of Redcrown guard the seal and have also constructed numerous lesser seals and wards around the underdark pushing the border of the elemental vortice even further back. The runes used on these wards are of such a powerful nature that they can only be contained by the metal alloy known as adamantium. The metallurgical secrets of creating and working adamantium is a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of dwarf clans in all of Oerth. The dwarfs of Redcrown never trade or give away adamantium, nearly all of their supply of the metal goes to repair and maintain the runic wards.


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