"In song you will live forever...."


CN, Human (suel) male, Bard 8


A warrior-poet in the household of Jarl Sigurd of Isleck. He is married to the Jarl’s daughter Gerit and sails with him on the summer-raids.

It is said that he speaks the language of birds and beasts and that he knows the count of Suelii Kings since Vatun brought them to the Rhizia. He has played at the courts of Old King Orvung and his son King Ingemar Hartensen of the Schnai and King Logoff Bearhear of the Cruski. He has sailed up the Thelly River all the way to Kalstrand in Ahlissa. His favorite song is Schoffmund’s Saga which is about the hero Schoffmund the Strong and his battle with the Kraken of Grendep Bay. He hates singing about gods and myths.


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