Scirvir the Exile(Dain Spellstorm)

A memoryless seclusive wanderer who fights because he has to.


Scirvir Half-Elf, Warlock, Previously Dain Spellstorm Brass Dragon Sorcerer


Wanderer  pic

Memoryless since his awakening in limbo he was trained in using his mind as a weapon by the Githzerai masters. The masters knew they could not keep him safe so they sent him to a remote place with just enough population to shield him from observation. Safeguards were inscripted on to his body to make sure “it” could not contact it´s allies.

Scirvir did know what was chasing him but did not know why, so he went by the only thing he was thought: That self knowledge would bring direction and wisdom.

It did, in a manner of speaking bring both, after fending of would be bounty hunters and assassins Scirvir had friends and allies but at the cost of being caught up in the war that later came to be known as the Dragonfall campaign. He learned his true Identity, past and the price of salvation.

Not much is know about his death but secondhand rumors say that on his deathbed he had the casual smirk he always bore, a callus and low finger gesture often employed by his friend Buddy pointed in defiance of the powers that be.

Scirvir the Exile(Dain Spellstorm)

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