A scholar of dragonlore and a respectable wizard.


NG, Male, Human (oeridian), Wizard

Kenzie is a young man with chestnut brown hair and fair skin. He is usually well groomed and tends to wear plain and functional travel clothes without much flair to them. He is organized, curious and kind hearted. He likes few things better than to sit by a warm fire with a book and a mug of dark ale, smoking his long stemmed pipe.


“The whole world exists much in the same way that a permanent spell does. It needs containment wards to contain and regulate the flow of arcane energies within it. My theory is that the dragons are the ward. So no dragons means no magic.”
- Kenzie explaining a bit of arcane theory

A young and enthusiastic scholar of dragonlore, Kenzie was instrumental in discovering the connections of dragons to regulating and binding arcane energy to the material plane.

After the events of the Dragonfall he was a founding member of the Arcustodis and later he became the Magister Custodian.


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