Garthmyr Spellfingers

Magister Custodian Garthmyr Spellfingers. Wandering mage that wonders what a jar of nail clipping has to do with his missing mentor and friend or if at all it has anything to do with it.


A pale, tall and lean man with piercing grey eyes, jet black hair, sharp facial features and bags under his eyes giving the impression of someone very used to long waking hours in a dimly lit room. Often lost in thought staring at what can only be questions of distant thoughts in his consciousness waiting to be answered, for surely the interior of walls can only hold so many questions that it is not that. To those that pass him by on their travels his demeanor may seem cold and unapproachable but given some time you’ll quickly find a loyal friend if deemed worthy…or at the very least interesting enough.

Prone to lose himself in all things interesting a unwary adventures might find him self up against a seemingly endless dialog about myconid mating habits and hospitality. But he more then makes up for any such inconvenience with his ever expanding encyclopedia of knowledge and occasional fireball making him a great addition to any group of adventurers.

In the aftermath of the war against the Brotherhood of the Hunt he co-founded the secretive organization Arucstodis to guard the Construct of the Archmage Farquaan where he holds the rank of Magister Custodian.


1. The curiosity [of a child] killed the merchant

Oldest child of three and born in the town [Name of town] in Sheldomar Valley to wealthy parents [Name of parents] of Suloise ancestry. Growing up Garthmyr often found himself in trouble arguing with learned men about one thing or another and traveling merchants supposedly “authentic” wares which were questionable at best. Much to his surprise and dismay his positive feedback were not always taken so well ending once with a traveling merchant getting hanged for selling hazardous love potions that ended with local man finding true love in the belly of a bugbear but that is neither here nor there. While most of the locals in his hometown became to find his innocent antics endearing and a good tale to share a laugh with friends a local tavern, finding themselves strangely protective of him it quickly became apparent to his parents that he would require special guidance and tutelage. That was the year he turned 3.

2. Of family and dreams

While he still managed to get himself in to trouble now and then the next decade was spent between studying under the protective hands and guidance of his mentor and guardian [Name of guardian] and learning the trade of the family business. As the years went by Garthmyr found himself less and less inclined to take on the family business and more and more interested in his mentors teachings and stories of adventures which he fervently denied was of his own adventures of which he said he had none even though his face told Garthmyr otherwise.

His father’s disapproval finally hit its zenith soon after Garthmyr turned 13 years old with [Name of guardian] standing between a father’s raised fist and a sons broken nose. Ending with the father blaming [Name of guardian] for filling his son with shortsighted and foolish stories and expelling him of his services that very night leaving Garthmyr in powerless in the face of his inescapable life of wealth, comfort and the worst of all; boredom and ignorance.

3. Of secretive disobedience

For the next 4 years of what should have been rebellious years he spent being anything but that much to his fathers approval. Unknown to his father but acceptance of his mother he kept in touch with former mentor under the guise Spellfingers continuing his education and preparing himself to make the journey to study at [School in Furyondy]. While he was still angry at his father for his treatment of his mentor and being forced to take up the family business against his will they found themselves enjoying the increasing time spent together.

4. The Festival of the flying geese

While their time together strengthened their bonds his father was exceedingly unhappy with how he seemed unable to learn the traders tongue, costing the family a couple of big contracts all because of some minor deals of unimportance involving a cart of what was supposed to be Aerdi geese but was obviously Ferroi geese. That was to be known to be the Festival of the Flying geese in memorance of the merchant running around after a flock of geese of questionable genealogical origin who with his amble girth eventually exceeded to Garthmyrs demands, screaming in the town center in what was now more mud than finery at that point “JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE THE DAMN GEESE! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. JUST LEAVE ME BE”. Garthmyr having no use of Ferroi geese as they were not part of the contract repeated it to him getting little other than a maniacal cackle and gurgle from the merchant leaving the town full of newly liberated geese. The town didn’t waste any time holding a modest festival much to the villagers merriment and the merchants anguish, leaving him to cry over the injustice of it all with a roasted now assumed Ferroi goose in his hands.

5. Much to his fathers surprise he found out that his sons skills were perhaps better suited in finding out what to trade in than in directly trading with merchants and in so making up for and much more for the loss of contracts. What at first was to be a training exercise set by his father and no real loss if failed grew to be a monumental disaster and a setback for the family business ended increasing it’s revenue more than twofold from what it was before Festival of the flying geese in just under a year. That was the year he turned 15.


Garthmyr Spellfingers

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