A stranded planar traveler.


NG, Male, Loxo, Wizard


Dom’Barr wears a white tunic woven with a complex pattern of red waves and octagons, this is his herd’s pattern.

He is a member of a planar faction called the Incantifiers and he seems to believe that magic is the source of all power.

He has been stranded on Oerth for about two decades and has been living most of that time with the hill giants of Broken Craig Steading. He has become an informal leader of the giants and in time steered them away form the worship of Grolanthor and towards the worship of the more benign Hiatea.

He himself doesn’t pray to any god but rather holds to his Incantifier philosophy.

After the Dragonfall he became a member of the Arcustodis and long held the rank of Superior Custodian. He was instrumental in forging alliances between the order and various planar factions and he served as a diplomat of sorts for many years.


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