Buddy Jones

A dwarven necromancer of dubious morals and even more dubious personal hygiene


An enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a question mark wrapped in what appears to be a soggy brown & black fur lined robe. No one is quite sure where the self-styled Businessman-Adventurer with the unlikely handle of “Buddy Jones” sprang from. Dwarves who have been quizzed on any familial relation to him claim to have never heard of him or the supposedly proud “Clan Jones” to which the necromancer claims to belong.

Scattered reports over a 40 year period indicate a seemingly mobile grave-robbing operation that sticks to the countryside, mostly in small villages and settlements. Occasionally, amputees have alerted constables to a “sketchy-looking little man” who provided them with replacement limbs that are often in sorry condition, worn, rotting or just plain nonfunctional. One young woman reported that she had been approached by a dwarf who claimed to represent a company called “Jones & Jones: Renewals & Rebirth” in regards to the recent passing of her father. She describes having been asked leading questions in regards to the state of her father’s body as well as any interest in the “renewal” of his remains. The trail went cold for a number of years, which corresponds to the supposed imprisonment of Jones by what he described in his (critically-panned) memoirs; “Buddy: Humorous Horrid Wiltings” as “brainy squids”.

Jones was apparently rescued by the Dragonfall champions and joined their quest to stop the Brotherhood of the Hunt. He survived the battle with the Brotherhood’s leader; Deschan and is currently reported to be in the entourage of Argus the Pure; Champion of Heironeous as they journey north on urgent business.

Theme Music: ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC3T9DFEQ2Y

Buddy Jones

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