The Retribution Crusade

Book I, Chapter I

The Night of the Moonhunt

Earthday, 27th of Harvester 592 CY

Travellers (the PCs) from different corners of the Flaness (and regions farther still) arrive in the town of Stonebridge. At the Olden Oak Inn nearly all the tables in the common room are full so these travellers are forced to share a table.
Other occupants of the common room that night include: Kenzie, a dragon lore scholar from Veluna; Lieutenant Hawan and his band of Free Marines from Dyvers wearing yellow uniforms; Hazkal a dwarf from Redcrown and the representative of his clan to the Merchant Guild of Dyvers; Menzies and some other Rhennee bargemen; Rob Greencloak and his friends Gavain and Athelas, all of them Rangers of the Gnarley; Chaperaux Aros and Billets Trev and Uther from the Bronzewood Monastery; Mayor/Innkeeper Dorian Mayble and Violet the serving girl.

The travellers learn that a wagon coming down from the hills from Redcrown is late. The wagon is carrying iron mined by the dwarves of Redcrown and the Free Marines and Rhennee bargemen are waiting to take it down the river to Dyvers. Furthermore the moon is almost full and the hills are no place to be when the Wolf Tribes go on their Moonhunt. Lieutenant Hawan of the Free Marines hires the travellers to find the dwarves and their wagon.

During the night an attempt is made to break into the room of Chaperaux Aros despite one of the Billets standing guard outside the door through the night.

Freeday, 28th of Harvester 592 CY

The group of travellers heads out together and follows the broad and well paved Dwarf Road into the Kron Hills. In the afternoon they come upon the immensely large dwarf wagon. The wagon has a broken axle and the dwarves have unloaded the iron bars they were transporting and are trying to fix the wagon. When the travellers arrive it is agreed that they will load part of the iron on the mammoth that was pulling the wagon and transport that down to Stonebridge right away. Half of the dwarf escort and the group of travellers will stay through the night and guard the rest of the iron until the dwarfs can bring the mammoth back to carry the rest.

The two moons rise full on this night and there are howls in the hills. The travellers and the dwarf caravan guard fight together wave after wave of wolfs and shifter barbarians, dire wolf riders and ultimately they come face to face with a tribal patriarch a full blooded werewolf.

Starday, 1st of Brewfest 592 CY

Come morning most of the dwarves have fallen but the travellers are still alive. When the mammoth returns they return with it to Stonebridge. The town itself was attacked in the night by shifters raging on the Moonhunt, some damage was done but the Rangers of the Gnarley and the townsmen beat them back. Chaperaux Aros and the Billets of St. Cuthbert participated in the fight but Aros complains that in the chaos of last night a precious book was stolen from his room.



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