The Retribution Crusade

Book III, Chapter II
Batles won and wars lost

Using magic spells to fly up to the gatehouse towers of Castle Naelax the heroes manage to take the main gate while Sir Ector leads an attack on the barbican gate. Quickly and efficiently the army takes the castle bailey.

After breaking through the West Tower with a disintegrate spell and fighting their way into the courtyard the heroes overcome a cavalry charge of the skeleton knights lead by Sir Erec the Scourge. Once they broke into the keep they found a brief respite within the Chapel of Heironeous. There they also discovered the reliquary of Saint Araval within the Chapel and within the Saint’s Ring.

As the heroes emerged from the Chapel it became apparent that an unholy ritual was being performed in the North Tower. Fighting up the tower protected by the surrounding necrotic auras by the Ring of Saint Araval they at last came to the laboratory of the undead mage Lieam Feyborn where they confronted the death knight and the mage and were victorious.

After the death knight was defeated the skull of Lieam was much more amiable and offered its help and knowledge.

The next day news arrived in the encampment that the main host of the crusading army had been lead into a trap and disaster had fallen. Most of the army was decimated, King Belvor is dead and Duke Arthur Jakartai is leading the remaining forces in a full retreat.

Book III, Chapter I
The Siege of Castle Naelax

Heroes of the Dragonfall and the Ragewinter are summoned to meet King Belvor IV of Furyondy. He recruits them to his Retribution Crusade against the Empire of Iuz. After assembling a host of levied commoners, crusader knights, templars, a paynim tribal host, and battle mages of the Arcustodis they are ordered to lay siege to Castle Naelax, cursed seat of the Death Knight Thyrian.

Faced with a long siege or difficult preparations for an assault the heroes decided to attempt to take the gate house of the castle with a surprise attack. The gate house turned out to be better defended than expected and with the Castle roused the heroes are cut of from escape.

Book II, Chapter VII
Last stand.

The heroes fight with the united suelii barbarians as they retreat across the southern plains of the Rhizia. At last they come to Northwatch Keep where they will make their last stand or die trying. After some political maneouvering they get the Knight Protector in charge of the Keep to allow refugees to come within the walls and they make an alliance with the Griffon Knights of Ratik. The final assault of the fire giant army is brutal but united in a defensible position and with the power of the Ragewinter they fight it off. At last the heroes come face to face withTori Muspelwalker. They fight her and destroy her power. Winter’s Bite is destroyed as well and balance is restored.

Book II, Chapter VI
Prophecy fullfilled.

The heroes reach the top of the mountain and fight Marwing and recover the Girdle of Ymir. They fall down through the cloud barrier on a borken spelljammer and crash in to the mountainside. In a great ice cavern under a glacier they fight the two great wolfs Ragi and Furgi that guard Winter’s Bite the Axe of Vatun. Once the wolfs are dead Content Not Found: null claims the axe and fullfills an age old prophecy.

Book II, Chapter V
The long climb.

Logoff Bearhair, King of the Ice Barbarians takes his band of warriors to attack the fire giant camp and sacrifices himself to create a diversion for the adventurers to get through the camp. Up in the mountains the heroes are challenged by a flock of aarakocra. It seems that the peak of the great mountain lies on the border of the elemental plain of air and the aarakocra are hunting slaad that are trying to get into the domain of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. The heroes find and kill the slaad and are in turn granted passage across the cloud border.

Book II, Chapter IV
"... I use the damned things as oven mitts."

Characters journey north and claim the Gauntlets of Jotun from its guardian, the great bear Ackreus.

Book II, Chapter III
"I have stood my vigil since the dawn of creation."

Waterday 26th of Harvester, 596 CY
Arriving at Knudje the characters attend the Assembly of the Jarls. There they hear that King Ingemar Hartesen is presumed dead and the Jarls are divided on whether they ought to take to their ships to fight the giants that have been sighted along the shores or if they ought to unite against the flan tribes that are coming down from the mountains. Terrinn Goldenbeard tells the heroes of his plan to find another elemental seal in a place called the Rhizia. They learn that this may be the easternmost point of the Thillonrian Peninsula. Lokmund the Old a priest of Vatun proclaims that it is time for a mortal hero to come forth and claim the Axe of Vatun and bring forth the Ragewinter. The adventurers decide to head for the Rhizia to begin with.

Moonday 3rd of Brewfest
Sailing on the Aboleth Deep out of the Rhizia the North Wind catches bad weather and is attacked by the Drowned Ones, servants of an ancient and terrible power in the water. They take refuge within a newly revealed carver in the sea cliffs. Within they find a titan who has maintained a vigil against the aboleth since the creation of the world. This being is an elemental seal and Terrinn Goldenbeard consumed by his oath to take revenge onTori Muspelwalker tries to use his power to control the titan. While the titan is weakened the aboleth attacks. The heroes defeat both the creature and regrettably are forced to fight the Company of Terrinn Goldenbeard as well.

Book II, Chapter II
Wrath of the Forsworn King.

Starday 23rd of Harvester, 596 CY
Resting withing their magical shelter at the border of the Old Forest the adventurers notice a child wandering among the trees in the rain and darkness. This turns out to be Arin, Bardur’s youngest daughter. She claims that her mother is in the forest seeking a power to protect them from the giants. There are many stories about an evil power within the forest. When the sun rises the party ventures into the forest. Garthmyr finds out that all is not as it seems with the girl and in the end it turns out that she is the creation of a coven of frost hags that live in the forest. The hags are promptly killed despite the last of them offering information about “the Muspelwalker” in return for her life.

Starday 24th of Harvester
The adventurers travel out of the forest and begin climbing the steep path up to the Howling Pass. The rain turns to snow and the wailing howls of the yeti are maddening.

Starday 25th of Harvester
Late in the day they are almost through the pass and approaching the Highlands when they see a great migration of tribal flan with their reindeer herds. Taranda, the Great Druid of the Rhizia aproaches the party riding her giant elk, with many flan hunters on skis. With her is also an old acquaintance Gavain, the former Ranger of the Gnarley. Taranda informs the party that they are now her prisoners. Gavain suggests that they might run away and try to come to Knudje by traveling through the Cold Barrows. The adventurers escape down the mountain and continue amongst the ancient barrows, cairns and rune stones below. A freezing fog swells up and soon the adventurers loose all sense of direction. When night falls they are still caught in the fog and the wights arise with their zombie hordes. The heroes retreat against the seemingly endless tide of undead to a barrow where the zombies seem not to approach. There they are confronted by the Forsworn King and put an end to his evil.

Book II, Chapter I
To a land of Ice and Fire.

Starday 15th of Harvester, 596 CY
Bardur Ulfsson, a berserker and a Beast of Llerg, free man of the Schnai, captains his longship the North Wind in the fleet of Jarl Sigurd Herjan. The summer raids are nearly over and Bardur is commanded by the Jarl to carry a company of dwarves from Berholdt Island back to the Thillonrian Peninsula so they can be present at the Assembly of the Jarls in Knudje. Other members of the crew such as Skald-Ormur, Briwa, and Ulfham think this is a queer arrangement and don’t trust the dwarves.

Sunday 16th of Harvester, 596 CY
Sailing north the raiders come within sight of a Sea Baron Galley and decide to take it as a one last prize of this summer’s raiding. On the galley they find imprisoned some of the Champions of the Dragonfall and veterans of the Wyrmreaver Crusade. By Suelii custom those adventurers should be slaves to Bardur but the leader of the dwarves, Terrinn Goldenbeard, offers to buy them their freedom with the last piece of his famous adamantium armor, the helmet. Bardur accepts but the heroes have little choice but to sail with him on the North Wind to the lands of the Schnai.

Freeday 21st of Harvester, 596 CY
On the fifth day of sailing the crew notice the dark ash cloud hanging over the peninsula in the north and that night they see the glow of fires on the horizon.

Starday 22nd of Harvester, 596 CY
On the next day it becomes apparent that a great volcanic eruption has occurred in the western Corusk Mountains. It seems that Soull, the seat of King Ingemar Hartesen, has been wiped away by the lava flow. Bardur sails towards his home Vindvar anxious about his family. In the narrow fjord covered in thick fog the adventurers come to Bardurs home. The houses are empty and show signs of having been evacuated in haste. While investigating an orc tribe comes down from the mountains and attacks the farm. Fortified within the longhall the heroes hold off the orcs but at the beech they find further signs of trouble and the North Wind is gone. Skald-Ormur apparently took the ship out rather than face the orc horde but the adventurers are stranded and have little choice other than to walk over the mountain passes to make it to Knudje and the Assembly of the Jarls.
By evenfall they come to a small lava flow at the bottom of the fjord. The glowing hot rocks cause the ocean to boil and steam creating the thick fog. There they encounter and defeat a fire giant scout. His corpse makes a convenient bridge over the lava flow when he falls.

Book I, Chapter XI
End of the hunt.

Freeday, the 7th of Wealsun 593 CY
The priests of Geshtai give Reven a ceremonial funeral on the sacred waters of Lake Udrukankar. The Mahdi rides out to gather the Paynim tribes and meet the armies of Zeif and the Brotherhood in Combat and thus buy the adventurers time to warn the blue dragon Cennuth and find the construct of Furqaan. Before the party sets out into the desert towards Bestena they are joined by a mysterious wandering half-orc warrior from the far west.

Starday, the 8th of Wealsun
The assassin strikes again when the adventurers emerge from their magical shelter after the night. This time she is overcome and executed.

Moonday, the 10th of Wealsun
The adventurers see ghostly shapes in a sandstorm on the Fields of Padyr but are safe within their magical shelter.
Within the city they find the Tower of the Archmage and manage to find their way to the top past the guardian monsters. The archmage’s old familiar the pesudo dragon Raaz takes a liking to Garthmyr. In Furqaan’s secret laboratory in a demiplane of his own creation the party finds the information it needs. Archmage Furqaan’s construct to refocus magical energy in the world is on the top of Davish Peak in the Crystalmist Mountains.
Outside the party comes face to face with the blue dragon Cennuth. They explain to him the situation and then set out to Davish Peak on dragonback and on Furqaan’s flying carpet.

Godsday, the 11th of Wealsun
On the Davish Peak the adventurers come face to face with Deshcan and Kenko who is controling Baaraxo with a dragon orb. A battle ensues where the adventurers are victorious.
Scirvir sacrifices himself to provide the last fragment of divine essence needed to activate the construct. Magic is regulated into a weave where Davish Peak is a center point.

Kenzie and Dom’BarrDom’Barr arrive shortly thereafter on a spelljammer. Kenzie declares his intention to form a new order of mages to guard the construct.


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